Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Home Again!

Byron and I are just back from five days in France. It was a WORK TRIP so don't give me a lot of grief about "Must be nice!" But yes, it was nice. In fact, it was beautiful.

But last night, as I fell into bed back here in Lisbon, I was deeply delighted to be home. We had collected our kids over at Marty and Carey's, enjoying dinner outside in their garden as our reward for arriving just as the food was ready :-) We were home around 8pm and immediately put the kettle on. Trevor felt that we should sit around and chat with a pot of tea. Such a good boy, that one! And finally, one by one, we were off to bed.

And so, nestling in last night, I felt richly blessed. The window was open to the fresh night air. I had recently gone through the formal "Changing of the Duvet Ceremony", a ceremony I look forward to every year in which I trade out the fat winter down for the skinny summer duvet. The mosquito net was settled around us and I was safe and warm with almost all of my babies not far away. (Bless my kids for never complaining that I call them "The Babies.") The pillow was a good one. The sheets were smooth and clean. Nothing would disturb me now until the stereo played Brian Houston's Sugar Queen at the appointed time of morning. But that was hours away and the goodness of sleep awaited me.

I do so love to get into bed. And I love that the happy feeling of quiet and comfort produces joy in me. I love the travels. I love to share in all that's going on around the continent. And I do so love to come home.


Jesse said...

well one week and you can say that "all your babies are near by!"
7 days and counting!!!!

lisa said...

that will be good for my soul :-)

Heather said...

I hate to tell you Lisa, but I like the reverse duvet ceremony better :) I love it when the nights get cool enough to snuggle under the feather duvet!

lisa said...

come to think of it.... i like that changing ceremony as well :-) especially when i put the flannel duvet cover on the fat duvet. i think i just like the changing of the seasons.