Thursday, May 11, 2006

tea with the chiropractor's daughter

when ali came to stay, i suddenly got very insecure about what i serve with our afternoon tea. byron has been telling me that i plainly allow our children to eat far too much sugar. he clucks his tongue and reminds me of how careful i was of what i allowed the two older boys to eat when they were in their major growth years. he tells me i allow heather to eat crisps for breakfast and chocolate for dinner. (that's a black lie from the pit, but never mind.)

well, we went to uni with ali's parents and we know what healthy people they are. they eat really well. they use soya milk and goat cheese. they use whole grains and lots of veggies. they do not sit around eating hobnobs with cup after cup of caffeinated tea!

so i got inspired and placed cut fruit, good cheese and wholesome crackers out with the afternoon tea tray. and ali enjoyed it.

several days later, though, as she followed me around the shops, she finally spoke up.

"would it be ok if i went and got some chocolate?" she asked.

within the hour we were settled on the tea porch with our bar of milk chocolate. we taught her the art of quick dipping where you plunge your strip of chocolate briefly into the hot tea so that just the very top layer softens. then you suck it off and start again. it's so fantastic!

i must admit i felt much better. our days of hypocrisy were over!

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