Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I'm trying to go caffeine-free for an undetermined length of time. I think my body will benefit from it. Right now, though, it's only suffering.

I don't even drink that much caffeine! No fully caffeinated coffee and somewhere between 2-4 cups of good black tea daily.

But it's 6pm on day two and I'm dragging badly. Tesugen. That's what I would say in Sweden. Not sure if it should be one word or two.... But it means something along the lines of tea-starved or craving tea.

That's me :-(


Rachel said...

Oh, Lisa. Bless you. I do that about three times a year for a few weeks or so just to prove that it's possible, but man, does that first cup taste good afterward. Be hydrated and toxin-free!

toggers said...

i *really* had to cut down on the latte-caffeine when i began to realise that some days it was all i drank! down to maybe one a day now. tea, hmmm, still a couple of them though. emma drinks RedBush... but that's foul!!

lisa said...

mmmmmmmmm latte. i shouldn't be thinking of such things. and portuguese coffee is so good! i've been drinking the RedBush with vanilla. not too bad that way. i like your blessing, rachel. let it be so!

Anonymous said...

Good for you LIsa...not the starving part, but the "decaffed" (just made up a word now) life :-)

Just get a good roibos (ok, even with vanilla...not that I recommend it :-) )and other good teas and you´ll see that you´ll not miss caffein anymore...
bless you...God help you :-) He did with me... :-)

Love you :-)

Anonymous said...

it was me, baba, on the last post...I cannot see what I´m doing coz I´m in this computer that only shows me blocks instead of letters...
Love you much



going to the land now...I won´t go tonight ...send my hug to Rachel and nelly

C. Repko said...

Dad's doctor said caffiene helps keep you regular. I just drank up a 10 oz glass of left over coffee with ice and suger. Very good.


lisa said...

so do apples :-)

caffeine update is that i went caff-free for a month and it felt good. now i've drinking a little tea, but not much.