Saturday, June 17, 2006

Teams That Play Together...

Marty, Carey, Byron and I got in from Holland last night close to midnight. We were there with the rest of the Europe team to work.

Carey and I went a day late so that we could shorten the time we were away from our kids. On our second evening we rode side-saddle on the back of the bikes Marty and Byron were using and the four of us went off through the rain to a cute little restaurant we like to frequent when there.

We escaped during a lunch break as well, peddling happily around Den Haag.

But Friday was the best. Our team, although entirely stressed and somewhat angry by Friday morning, does love each other dearly. Friday was our play day so we took off on bicycles toward the coast. We went through busy sections of the city to pretty little neighborhoods with quiet streets, cool forests with shady green light and finally out through the grassy dunes and onto the beach. After some goofing around on the sand, we headed back into the forest to a restaurant where we ate those amazing Dutch pancakes covered in delicious things over a long lunch together.

The lunch sounds as if it should have been relaxing yet the conversation was tough. We needed to get some things talked through. It was good. And the fresh air and exercise in the midst of pleasant places was a huge benefit. I appreciated that we pushed through some difficult talks, still loving to be together.


Rachel said...

I'm glad I could welcome you all back to Portugal last night. : )

lisa said...

so nice to see your sweet face in the middle of the night! thanks for turning up for us :-)

Marty said...

yes, biking in Holland is beautiful, fun and efficent! (a strong Dutch value). But if you're out of practice, your butt get's sore. But my butt is fully recovered now!