Friday, July 07, 2006

Mac Attack

I just needed to make note of the fact that right now Byron is in the office answering email on his Mac, Nelly is in there working away at her 50 page paper on her Mac, I'm sitting on my bed reading blogs on my Mac, and Jesse is lying here next to me checking his facebook on his Mac!! Now we just need Barbara to come home and open up her Mac so that we can all network together and that way we don't even have to speak! Oh brave new world! Maybe I can go against the flow and shut my lid now and start a TREND and then maybe even a CONVERSATION!

"Resistance is futile! You will be assimilated!"


Baba said...

did I ever tell you I love your humour :-)

by the way, I'm just outside at your yard now...where are you ? in the office?

want to have a conversation? or is better to skype :-)
eh, eh, eh, eh

Oh no, no, no, I don't want to become a computer neard !!!
Is this a nightmare ?!!!

Love you

lisa said...

i was wondering what you were laughing at out there!!
love you too!

Baba said...

yeh, but nothing will NEVER replace when you come and give a mom's kiss and a nice hug :-)
Love you so much

Rachel said...

I know, the number of open laptops in one living room can get ridiculous. But isn't it great how macs can bridge the great distance between us??

Across oceans, continents...and even all the way from the garden to the office. ; )

Miss you guys immensely already.