Sunday, August 13, 2006

August 14th

Today is our 24th wedding anniversary!

Here we are on our honeymoon in Mexico. I was 19. Byron was much OLDER and MORE MATURE at 22 :-) I have baby fat on my cheeks. Over the years since then, my face has grown thinner, ( and the baby fat has moved to my other cheeks!)

My sister told me one time, "You know it's completely abnormal how happy you and Byron are."

Maybe so.

I just know that life together is a gift and an endless adventure. And I'm pretty sure that we are, in fact, "stealing fire from heaven."


Heather said...

Happy Anniversary!

Carolyn Repko said...

That is very cute. I know you are having a great anniversary even though you are packing.

Love, Mom

toggies said...

hey there Lisa & Byron!

you don't look any different! ;o) (although the last pic I saw of Byron, he had no clothes on?)

CONGRATULATIONS from the Toggies. x

Brian Heasley said...

congrats, you guys look good together, 24 years fantastic, by the way what are you doing with your car when you leave?

lisa said...

thanks all!
brian, we're waiting to hear if some friends here want the car.... can't take it with us as we drive on the left in Tanzania.

cxp said...
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cxp said...

1st of all congratulations for your 24th wedding anniversary!! You both look so lovely & :) in this photo!!!It's really a great photo!
& then how funny, 14th of August is also my parent's "dating birthday", it was their 41st birthday:).
HUG, clara:]

Rogier said...

Happy anniversary from Sophie and me. Boy, you guys do look cute together!