Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Kids' Films and Comfort Food

We're all at what feels like the thin edge of our strength now in this packing up thing. I think that if the container came tomorrow we'd be happy to leave behind whatever we haven't yet packed. But the container comes next Tuesday and we will likely be working right up till the last minute.

We've gotten rid of so much, but it's still more than we've moved before. When Byron and I left California 100 years ago, oh no, it was only 22 years ago.... Anyway, when we left there we didn't own much. When we packed up in Africa in 2000, we didn't own much that was worth keeping. Now it makes more sense to take what we already have than to try to re-purchase it in Tanzania.

But we're all weary of this work.

Two things have helped. Heather has been watching The Sandlot. Sandlot is one of our family's very favorite films, and we're not even baseball fans! Just hearing the dialogue as the rest of us pack in different parts of the house has been keeping us laughing. We all ran into the sitting room to watch the scene when Squints kisses the very hot lifeguard. "This magic moment, when your lips are close to mine!" Oh my word. We love this film.

And then there's PB&J. Heather's friend asked me to make her a peanut butter and jam sandwich today. It looked so good when I got it done that I made one for myself, though to be honest, I wasn't really hungry. I can't think of the last time I ate peanut butter with jam. It's divine. It made me happy to eat it on that fresh whole wheat bread I picked up at the bakery today. Heavenly.

Little joys that keep us sane. I'm thankful for these.


Amy Swacina said...

I share those same joys. I don't think there is a better combo than PB&J and Sandlot. My prayers are with you guys!

Abril said...

I absolutely LOVE Sandlot. In high school, one of my friends and I named our secret crush Benny. I think I might have to ask for that movie for Christmas - a classic that should definitely be on the shelf.

We are praying for you all too. Packing carries so much more with it than just putting things into boxes. It always makes me wonder if profession movers would be worth it, and then wonder what I would miss out on it someone else did it for me. I hope that there can be lots more little joys in your days.

Baba said...

I just thought that if you have anything that might be useful in the land for me, ask the Uhlers if they can store it :-)

Love you
and Shantii Shantii :-)