Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Men in My Life

Just the other day it was me and Byron and three little boys. (A baby sister among us was some kind of pink phantom person hovering in the future realm of our family.)

But I looked around recently and saw all these men! Apparently, little boys grow up into those. They bring strong arms snuggling me when I’m feeling a little sad, goodnight kisses on my forehead, deep, jovial voices coaxing me out of my somber reprimands when their ventures push my (already very generous) boundaries, and songs that make me laugh or cry.

They are good to me. They’re my friends and comrades, my brothers in arms. They make pleasant company. Look how pleased Heather and I are to be surrounded by them.


Shelley said...

Those men in your life are so handsome and you two ladies are beautiful!
Hugs, Shelley

Baba said...

i miss you

Rachel said...

How wonderful is that picture? Miss you guys, so very much.