Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I really don't like TV

Last night we were all so grumpy. It was related to what I was just talking about, being a little out of sorts from being in transition.

But it was also the television. The stuff on TV is garbage! We were all in the living room with this vague idea that maybe something nice would engage us together, but it was all just so stupid. And every other minute there is a long commercial break!

We don't really watch television. Not because we are so righteous, but because we have lived our years as family in foreign countries where we either were too far away from anywhere to receive TV signals, or we were too lazy to listen through the language barrier. It's pretty nearly impossible to find something that will suit our whole family anyway, given the fact that we spread our children out over many years. But we're not all that conservative. We watch lots of films and some of them have been amazingly stupid and/or inappropriate.

So last night, as we got more and more cranky, I realized I was thankful for one more thing. I'm thankful we have been spared the stupidity of TV. We shut it off.

Heather and I read a story. Then I made her a bed on the floor in our room. She needed to camp-out near us to help her discombobulated feelings. I rejoined the boys in the sitting room and found that they had put on a really cool DVD documentary about Africa that a friend had recently dropped by.

It was amazing how much more peaceful we felt by the time we went to bed.

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Baba said...

I totally agree with the TV thing... it annoys me so much...
we don't miss a thing by not watching it