Monday, October 30, 2006

Shocked at the Pump

Every time I fill the tank here in LA, I get so shocked!

$40! How can that be??

I look at the numbers displayed on the pump and I'm sure it's not right. I try to get the pump going again. I'm sure it cut off by mistake. This leads to me topping it off, which I'm not supposed to do. But it's the shock that makes me do it.

Whenever I filled the tank in Portugal, it always came to $100. And that was using diesel, which is the cheapest way to go there.

So, yea, I'm shocked at the pump. It's nice to have pleasant shocks from time to time. But I'm not going to let this "cheaper" fuel lull me into thinking I don't have to be careful about how much I drive. It's not just about my money spent, is it? The state of the environment is a whole different shock.


jenelle said...

Yeah! You tell us! It's not the bucks it's the earth! I need to tell Denise L. that, of all things, I was accused of being an environmentalist at church the other day! Cause I've been bringing in real glasses to use instead of those awful styro ones (who wants to drink out of that anyway?!), and I've been taking care of the recycling on Sunday nights. I need to start reading good ol' J. Wallace again. As soon as I catch up on my Fuller reading, that is!

Post Script.
Check out Girlfriday on my blog links. You will really get a kick out of what they're doing collaboratively.

lisa said...

hey hippy tree hugger, just found this. the note went to my junk mail :-( you are so incredibly not junk!!
that is so funny that real cups would make you suspect. oh good for you and amen on not wanting to drink out of styro. ug. way to ruin a good cuppa tea! or coffee. i think it's weird that you have to ask really loudly at coffee shops for the real cups "for here" or else they automatically give you the trash ones. they should automatically give you the real ones. i'll check out the girlfriday...

Baba said...

I'm glad you don't get choked !!! sorry, I had to laugh again for my sillyness when I misspelled the word "shocked"...
Love you