Friday, December 01, 2006

Feelin' Groovy

My poor little Mac has been heavily burdened. It was getting so overweight that yesterday I couldn't even open attachments to emails that I really was supposed to read. I would click on my attachments and get a rude note popping up about my disc being full and how I had better get to deleting files or this wee laptop was going to explode.

OK, it didn't really say that thing about exploding.

But honestly, how could I have filled up my whole computer? I couldn't have!!

But MY CHILDREN could have!

It's their music. And their photos. And the videos they are making.

Byron has much more space on his computer. He has a BETTER computer! But no one touches HIS computer. No way! I don't even go near it unless dire circumstances force me to.

We KNOW better than to mess with Byron's computer!

So yesterday I told Trevor he HAD to do something about it. I had TRIED to clear out the music files but I knew I couldn't make those calls. I don't know who those bands are and I dare not delete any of them. I did say, "Do we have to have The Beastie Boys on here?" but my idea to delete them was shot down.

So Trevor took all the music off little Macky and dropped it onto the external hard drive for safe keeping. This freed 11 gigs up for me.

I can breathe again! Little Mac is feeling light on her toes and I'm happy as well.

Now, if I can just find my iPod (though THAT's not very likely since the kids run off with that daily) I'll try to remember to do my assignment. Trevor told me I was to listen to more Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service. He has taken it upon himself to direct me.

I try to obey :-)


jesse said...

hey has good tastes and you will like them i think.
love you mom! more homework now!

Shelley said...

The other day Camden(4 1/2) got in Tony's truck and The Beastie Boys were playing...loudly. He asked, "Daddy, why is that guy so angry?"

lisa said...

That is so funny!

jenelle said...

I really like Death Cab. They just played in S. Barbara. Postal Service is their front-man's quirky electro sideproject. Listen to the Postal Service song "brand new colony". I felt like Jesus was singing that to me in an Italy 24-7 room and it sent me off dancing like a wannabe hippie for a long time.