Thursday, December 14, 2006

Somewhere in the World

Tonight I can tell that my little family is feeling a bit worn out.

We sound a little short with each other, I would say, but not aggressively so. Just tired-of-this so.

For the most part, we are doing well through this transition. But tonight we are a little weary of being displaced.

This is a good home that we feel very safe and secure in, here in Pasadena.

But right now we seem to all be longing for somewhere else.

I don't think it's entirely clear to any of us where that might be.


Rachel said...

I recognize that feeling. : )

Brian Heasley said...

Lisa, you guys are in our prayers. It's like "the breath before the plunge" Gandalf

Baba said...'ll get there ! God is taking care of things to be on the right time...
A lot of times I wish to be ahead, and somwhere God is showing me glimpses of... but there's something about the "waiting times" that makes me feel that God is in control and not me... does that makes any sense at all ?!!!
Love you all...