Thursday, March 01, 2007

Jesse was here....

this is not mama lisa...
rather this is jesse.
i have just realized that you (mom) left
yourself logged into your blog on my computer yesterday and i can access it today!
so how can i miss this chance to leave a note?
bit cheeky i supose,
but i love you mom!
:-P :-)
PS: feel free to delete it...


jesse's mum said...

you are a very cheeky boy.
love you too.

mum x

Sarah said...

Your relationship touches my heart! And in response to your Mennonite/Fair Trade post Lisa - Dave swears I take on a certain sexiness whenever I cook from my More With Less cookbook. . . I've been doing that for seventeen years and we have five kids, so it must be working.:)

jesse's mum said...

That's hilarious! I almost mentioned that book in the post. It's THE missionary cookbook. I'm wondering if my tattered old copy will make it through another stint in Africa :-)