Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mac-less in Seattle

Little Mac is in the shop (in Memphis apparently) and I am without. We leave for Seattle on Thursday so I get to say the "in Seatlle" bit.

Hhhhhmmm. I will be using Byron's computer parts of every day since I have work that has to be done, but in the mean time I might clean the house or write a snail mail letter on a real piece of paper or even open a book or something. Byron is NOT good at sharing his PowerBook but I love him anyway. That's the benefit he enjoys of being irresistible.

In Seattle I plan to drink gallons of tea with my sister and commiserate with her regarding the state of the world and perhaps cook up crack-pot plans of solution. We'd like to self-medicate with live music but since that always takes money we may just keep making more tea.

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