Monday, March 12, 2007

A Burst of Creative Energy

Jesse arrives at home and suddenly there is creative energy flying in every direction.

He got here on Saturday evening and on Sunday he made four shinai's. A shinai is a big padded sword thing that he uses to fight his sibblings. He's been taking fencing and traditionally a shinai is a bamboo practice sword used in days past by warriors in training. Here at our house the kids just use them to put welts on each other and induce much laughter. The boys have been thwacking each other with gusto. Heather engages for a while and then opts out contentedly.

New Flash: After 20 years of parenting our offspring, I have a deep insight. Listen for it... Boys play differently than girls do! You can thank me later for this wisdom.

Back to Jesse's creative energy--

This morning he finished the rain stick he was working on yesterday evening. It's about four feet long and it has a really nice watery sound.

This afternoon I see him out in the garage cutting plywood for a new cajon (drum.)

The kids have grown up with total access to a shed full of saws, hammers, nails and wood scraps. Jesse gets such a happy feeling out there in the sawdust. It's nice to see and it brings a pleasant vibe to the house.


Sue said...

Bruce thinks Jesse is cool looking but would really like to see a posted pic of the actual shinai...preferably in action!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your insight, o wise one, I had been wondering if this was so. Right now my youngest son refuses to do anything with girls. Brian H

lisa said...

In due time, that will change, Brian :-)

jenelle said...

Tell the truth, Lisa, Jesse boy came out of the womb with sawdust on him. (And all the sweet African women danced.) He amazes me with his wood-working genius.