Monday, April 09, 2007

And so it Begins... Again

"I'm going to start packing now" Byron announced on his way out the door. He was using his serious "I"m warning you" voice.
"Congratulations!" I said in my cheeky voice. I like to counter "Serious Boy" with "Cheeky Girl."

He was on his way out for his Monday morning coffee with Scott but he was announcing none-too-subtly that from here on out we are in packing mode. That means that we are not stuffing our junk in the back of closests anymore. No, we are now officially either throwing out what is not going with us, or finding the appropriate piece of luggage and placing it inside. Actually, the luggage part is probably still a week or so off, but we are at least in the sorting/pre-packing phase now.

Can I tell you how much I hate packing? Have I mentioned it before?

Someone recently asked me how long we plan to be in Tanzania. With as many international moves as I have notched on my suitcases I answered somewhat wearily. "I'm not planning to move again any time soon so unless there is a Major Act of God, we're in Tanzania till kingdom come."

Ah, the fun of it all!


Lassiter Family said...

Packing...ick! It's such a different packing than tossing a few items into a suitcase knowing we can purchase forgotten items at the nearest Target. I'm not sure where you're located now, but if there is any way I can help (stealing time for a cup of tea counts as "help" in my book) let me know! We're in Rancho Cucamonga, so hollar if you need/want to.

lisa said...

I know! And even after years OUT of AFrica, when I go on a short trip I still think I need emergency supplies in the car (you know, in case we have to spend the night in a ditch or our chasis breaks in half or something!) Wow! It would be fun to have a cuppa tea with you! I wonder if I could pull it off. We're in Pasadena.

Lassiter Family said...

We could meet half way...Azusa, Glendora or something. I do know things are insane around this time, though, so don't feel like you need to add me to your "to do" list. It was just a thought. I pray many many blessings on your family.

Abril said...

ahhh, we feel for you all - good thing you have "expert packer" in the fam.

we are full fledged in the midst of the other end - unpacking. "why did we take this because now we just need to find somewhere to put it"

at least it generally teaches us to hold our things lightly.

blessings to you as you head into more intense transition time again - it has gone fast!

Angela Highfield said...

Hey I hope that you all have a wonderful and safe trip I'll be praying

Jenelle said...

If you guys should ever get low on support (Lord, forbid it!) I'm sure Byro could start a business as a successful Packing Coach. We could market him like a Life Coach and make you bundles.