Thursday, April 26, 2007


Trevor is sacked out on the sofa for the second day in a row with a killer earache.

We were at the doctor yesterday morning and again this morning. The specialist this morning inserted a tiny sponge to help wick the medicinal drops down into the area that needs them. (The canal is swollen shut so he can't hear out of that ear, nor can the drops reach their intended area.)

Before she inserted the sponge she said, "I apologize because this is going to hurt."

"OK," Trevor said.

This from the boy who has been on codeine every four hours over the last 24 to deal with the pain. This from the boy whom I never realize is as ill as he is just because he doesn't seem to show it.

In went the sponge and Trevor yelled out quietly but with force. He looked as if he was going to punch the lady. Then he looked like he was going to pass out.

Across town this morning our little niece, Jessica, fell from her scooter and had to have six stiches put into her chin.

What a day we're having around this family!


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Mama Monk said...

Hi Lisa!
I have heard so much about you and your family! Bryan and I dream of coming out to Africa someday...someday.
Did you happen to read the above post from Rach? She and her family live in New Zealand and she is really interested in doing some short term work with Wild Hope.
I think I will try to call Peter and Tammy this week and see where they are at with scheduling/returning to Africa.

I look forward to meeting you someday--