Thursday, May 24, 2007

Parents that Bless

This morning I'm thinking about how grateful I am for our parents who send us off to far places with their love.

It can't be easy to have us wandering the globe these last twenty-something years. But they grace us with their support, encouragement and blessings.

We pull up stakes and pack up the grandkids and follow what we believe to the be the road opening before us. And they wave us off with hugs and prayers, telling us in many ways that they believe we're doing the right thing.

Maybe it was easier when we were younger and they were younger. Maybe not. Either way, I am so deeply thankful for the blessing of their affirmation.

To Byron's dad in Florida, and his Mama there who would bless us if her mind was clear but can't, and to my folks in California: thank you for cheering us on and covering us in prayer. Your blessing brings peace, a sense of Shalom, in our lives.

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