Saturday, July 14, 2007

Big Yellow (ok, Mustard) House

Here's the house we are renting in Arusha. A photo at last, for those who have been asking me for one.

The house begins to feel like a home as we settle inside her walls. The boxes and boxes of Byron's tools lining the hall and spilling over into Heather's bedroom aren't very cozy to be around, but never mind. Once the tool room out back gets security bars across the windows we'll be able to move them out there.

What IS cozy is the fact that our home is already full of people. We have six extra people living with us for July as our summer team is staying here. Lots of hubbub... lots of laundry.... huge vats of oatmeal porridge. And, for your entertainment, crazy music and dancing every evening as the dishes get cleared, rinsed and table gets wiped.

As the meal winds down someone will say, "I feel a dance party coming on," and it is remarkable how much more enjoyable chores are when you're sort of dancing along to them.

So that's the scoop... A mustard house that passes muster :-)


Sarah said...

I can just picture the dance party! Can I join? :)
Your house, no your home, will be a place where many will feel the love of Christ through your family.
Blessings to you as you set up house once again!

Dore' said...

It is so exciting too see your new place! It looks big but also cozy.
I think the mustard color is very warm and cheery. God is so good!

Jenelle said...

I always thought disco was mostly only useful for after dinner dishes. Maybe I should bring you my KC and the Sunshine Band record?

Thanks for the photo. It makes me happy.

p.s. I'm sitting in the Klein's office with Mackenzie. We think she needs to come to Arusha next summer.

lisa said...

Dance music for chores is usually a little more techno than KC and his Sunshine Band, Not exactly to my taste but good for hyperactive cleaning up :-)

Jenelle said...

Disco what we used to use in college to motivate us to be silly and actually get adult-like things done. Funny!