Wednesday, July 04, 2007


I am so happy to see on the BBC news site that Gaza correspndant Alan Johnston has been freed after nearly four months in captivity.

I have often seen his face on the website and prayed for his release. Today I feel really good to know he is safe.

And I don't know even know him. Think what his family is feeling!

Dear friends of ours, Jason and Linda, know what his family is feeling. Years ago, Jason's dad was kidnapped and held captive for 8 months in Chechnya. They know exactly how all this feels.

Thank you, God, for Mr. Johnston's release.


Heather said...

Hey Lisa, stop by my blog and pick up your Rockin' Girl Blogger award :)


Dore' said...

I was praying for Mr. Johnston's release, so the news was just terrific!
I try to pray for people who are kidnapped or missing whenever I hear about them. It is so horrific to consider what they and their loved ones go through.
Thank God we can pray.

lisa said...

Dore', I'm sure you've heard that their is a three year old English girl being held captive in Nigeria right now. Ug.

Dore' said...

I did hear about her and was praying. Thankfully, she was released.
So scary.