Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Day Trippers (or Dusty Boys are Happy Boys)

Byron and the boys have had a couple recent day-trips on the motorcycles with the Russell boys. They've had such a lot of fun.
I'm happy for them to have these little safaris out to enjoy time together.

It draws to a close quickly now...

Photos by Jesse Borden


jamie drew said...

Lisa - You and your husband may very well not remember me. i was at the church in portugal when It was called Riverside. I was at the Alpha course and your husband spoke to me about tongues. I wanted to share what happened tonight. We were praying for tongues - The holy spirit was on us and our faces were all red and I was mumbling and practicing with a good, trusted friend. She said pretend your speaking russian and withotu thinkign i said...rrrruuuuuusssssshhhhhiiiian Vooooooddddkkkkaaaaaa. We were in fits of tears at god's sense of humour. I really wanted to share that with your husband - whose name I can't even remember it's been so long! I found your site on a Lisboa matrix link. Thanks, Jamie Drew (nee Tulumello) Tall, dark hair american, married to an English RAF pilot.

lisa said...

Jamie, thanks for leaving this note. I will tell Byron and he will appreciate your story. I love that God has such a great sense of humour :-)