Friday, August 03, 2007

Typos and Tammy

I write a lot but I'm really not any good at proof reading my own words. I think that's because I know what I meant to say so I can't see when the words on the page don't actually say the sentence I'm hearing in my head. So today I sent out an update to a bunch-a-zillion friends with at least two nice big typos in it. It's not that I didn't read it through (many times) first. It's just that I didn't see the bothersome mistakes until now, quite a few hours after pushing the send button.

I guess I wish my update went out all perfect, but the reality is that I just finished an afternoon of errands with Tammy and we rounded off our time with a coffee break in the lobby of a nice hotel in town. See, a latte with Tammy makes life seem too good to worry about typos.

I can't believe I live ten minutes from Tammy. I've been missing her for years. How blessed am I?


Jenelle said...

I am psychotic about typos and I read your update and did not notice them.

I'm so glad you can have tea with Tammy. Lots of Teas. Typos, Tammy, Tea.

Dore' said...

I obsess about typos, too. Nargh!!! And I have a sticky "s" key on my Blackberry, so when I am trying to get something out quickly there are sometimes missing s's. It bugs me too much!

Didn't the Hansen's go to Westmont with us?