Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Nelly Was Here

Jenelle was here for 3 fine weeks. It was splendid to have her with us and not so splendid to say goodbye. I never like saying goodbye when I don't know when I'll be seeing someone again. There is no plan in place to take one or the other of us across the world to where the other one lives. Big drag.

The Nellster has been making little video logs of her journeys which she has posted on her blog. She also edited some footage together and made a 2 min video about The Wild Hope Artisans, our Maasai lady friends who are using their traditional skills to support their families and build into their communities. You can see it here. Nellers did a fine job with challenging footage and we're thankful!

Thanks, Jenelle, and happy trails, girl.

1 comment:

Jenelle said...

Nelly was here! [Insert spray-painted graffiti here]

I miss you all so much already. So. Much.