Thursday, October 25, 2007

Jackson Browne and My Tangled Necklaces

Yesterday I sat on my bed and spent at least an hour struggling to untangle three fine chains that had knotted themselves over and around each other.

(Note to self: don't store necklaces together and then ship them across the world again.)

As I sat there, I thought of Jackson Browne's lyric that says--

"... maybe we've found what we had lost when we've unwound so many crossed and tangled misunderstandings..."

How knotted relationships can become. How much work to untangle the misunderstanding.

A toothpick finally helped me loosen and untie some of the knots in the chains.

I've found that forgiveness does the same for the other knots.

The necklaces hang free now on pretty hooks by my dresser.

Nice. I feel inspired.


Sue said...

Yes, you have once again hit upon what I enjoy about you most. You live for now. You take what you are given and think it through til it relates to life in the little and big ways. I think that is why you can giggle so easily with deep joy. I miss your giggles but will think of your freed necklaces hanging and enjoy knowing you are near the Heather my Emily and Ali so love!
Hugs to all Bordens from Kleins

Trevor Borden said...

your a smart lady

JB said...

i had a good talk with jeff schloss yesterday and discovered he is a huge jackson brown telling you, i am falling more and more in love with that man!

gypsymelodies said...

My Dad always listens to Jackson Browne... and I always roll my eyes because he plays it like he plays journey- always way too loud:)

But you make me think maybe I should give Jackson a chance.

lisa said...

Thanks, Sue. You are one sweet lady!

And thanks, Trevor :-)

Jesse, we always knew Jeff was a good guy, but his fondness for Jackson Browne music means he's extra good.

And Gypsy-girl, you'll find Jackson Browne's Solo Acoustic album quite wonderful. I'm sure Trevor has it. And ask Trevor if he also has Mr Browne's song, "The Rebel Jesus."

As for me, I've always teased Byron that I've been in love with Jackson longer than I've been in love with him. Since I fell for Jackson when I was 15, I've officially been a devotee for 30 years :-)

Jenelle said...

Lisa, about a year and a half ago, we were sitting in the little park in Sao Joao with Jasmin, and you were getting a nice picture from God for me. It was all about him untangling the necklace of my mind. Thank you for reminding me!

lisa said...

Goodness, Nelly! I never would have remembered that! Now I do :-)