Monday, December 24, 2007

Recycled Wrap

I thought you might like to see my recycled wrapping paper. I've done this before because I feel so bad about all that paper being used when I have other things that will do. Even though I use baskets and my Trader Joe's bags at the shops and the market, I do end up with overflow at times that requires I bring home plastic bags. So this year we have a lot of blue plastic grocery bags on our gifts under the tree. They are double bagged so you can't see through them and tied off with a ribbon made from whatever I have on hand. Some have the tops chopped off (like the package in the photo) and some still have handle tops sprouting out above. (That way I can use them again when I return to the market.)

You might not agree, but I think they look cute :-)


Whitney said...

well my grandma used a twist tie (or whatever you call those things you use to close bread bags) to close my braid the other day so I guess shopping bags are good for wrapping paper =)

Lacey said...

These are amazing, lisa...we had a real good laugh around the computer at your resoursefulness! I hope that you guys are having a great Chirstmas.....We love you!!