Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Does a Room Make Me Happy?

Here are the photos I took (with my MacBook) of my room. I took them to show to Byron, my mum and my sister so that they could enjoy with me this wonderfully cozy quarters I'm tucked away in. Is everyone as affected as I am by a good room?


Sarah said...

Oh - your view makes me want to come for a visit, a nap, and a cup of tea!

zarah said...

that does look cozy :)

Sue said...

Yes, we all are affected by your cozy good room! Love to you for sharing where you are tucked away. Love to you for being bold with your delight. Love to you for not keeping it all a secret for fear we will lust after your treat! I love that you are there, teaming with 24-7 in a beautiful place, leading and listening to God's quiet whisper while hungering for ways prayer can be bold in our lives.
Morgan was the one who found your cozy room on the previous entry. She will dream big because she knows of beautiful places that God is leading you, our dear friend. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
That is a wonderful room! Gorgeous view from the window,too.
xoxox, Dore'