Sunday, May 04, 2008

A Tale of 2 Parties

A sunny afternoon in a green garden. We had tables set for tea and ladies in smiles and pretty clothes. It was a bridal shower for a fellow international and everything was perfect.

So many treats! Imported chocolate chips in the cookies, amazing samosas, gorgeous cakes and little cupcakes with cute bridal decorations. There was lots of "Oohing" and "Aaahing" and plenty of laughter. No nice touches were left out. The tea sets all matched just beautifully.

I drove back across town afterwards and through the gate to our garden.

In one corner of the lawn, a group of Tanzanian guys and one white husband of mine hunched over the goat they were slaughtering. Colin and Heather were playing soccer on the grass with a couple other young men and another collage of guys were getting the grill ready.

There was meat, meat, meat and more meat by the time the roasting was done. We had bits of it between our teeth and plenty of grease on our fingers. There was a dart board and a lot of joking around. There was a vat of hot chai to follow the crate of sodas and Heather taught willing participants how to play Tick Tack Toe. The dogs munched happily on tasty bones.

It was one incredibly full afternoon, evening and night. I enjoyed it all.

But secretly, I liked the second party, (the one on my lawn with the guys from the local welding shop) the best :-)

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Anonymous said...

And that poor goat had been following Byron around the yard for protection from the dogs. Then.....well you know the rest. Hilarious. Mum