Thursday, July 10, 2008

Dance Dance Dance

Big congrats to Heather, on the left, and her best buddy, Sianna Russell, who recently won the prize "Best Choreography" for a routine they performed at the Umoja Arts Center. What a great way to celebrate their weeks and weeks of practice in our living room :-)

Nicely done, ladies!


Sue said...

Hugs and congrats to both the lovely ladies! Did you video tape it for all of us to see?
Missing you all!! Missing Nelly, too!

nelly said...

Parabens, ladies! The sisters look stunningly alike with their flowers!

I am missing you all, too! And the Kleins :)

Darrelle said...

GOOD JOB HEATH AND SIANNA!!!! i knew you guys would do great! love to you both!!!!