Saturday, August 23, 2008

And, the Coast..... (Big Smile!)

Our team snuck out of town on 13 August at 5am. We pulled up at the hotel on the Kenyan coast at 1:30pm and for the next (almost) 6 days we RESTED. Ahhhhhhh. It was so good.

Heather and Sianna got their hair braided because a) they've always wanted to do this and b) it saved their mommies literally hours in time that would have been spent untangling their hair every night. Those girls can give some serious time to body surfing, I tell you what!

I mostly lounged and read. I shifted from one lounging area to another and sometimes got up for a cup of tea or a glass of juice. I read For the Beauty of the Earth, that book on Creation care that Jesse brought home. Excellent. I lingered through it. Then I read My Hands Came Away Red. I especially liked the parts about re-entry to home culture and the journey of healing after trauma.

Meanwhile, the rest of our party was engrossed in our ONE copy of The Shack. Fortunately for me, I finished it before we went to the coast and so I wasn't in a race to read it and then pass it on to one of the others. Byron, Jesse and Trevor read it there while Colin and Tammy both started it.

Oh, yes! Byron and I also celebrated our 26th anniversary while we were there :-)

Back to real life now. We have a team from LA here for 10 days. Good people doing good stuff. Very nice!


Carrie said...

Sounds heavenly! Did you go to Turtle Bay? How I miss those vacations! I'm glad it was a good time for all of you!

lisa said...

Yes, Turtle Bay. So nice :-)

DorRae said...

Lisa, my name is DorRae, my son in Pecos, he goes to school with your boys, (and loves them I might add), I have met both and cherish the time I've been around them. I know they are headed back, Pecos is already there. Although I've never met you, you have been on my heart as they go back to school. I'm sure you know this but wanted to share what a blessing they are and I'm so glad they are there with Pecos.
Blessing to your family

Sue said...

Yippee for you all to share a brief few days away as treasured family/team before boymen slip back to States.
Heather looks absolutely happy and beautiful. :)
I am grateful for this time to see Kenzie's new dorm/home in the beautiful Brooklyn, New York. Ever so grateful to see her launch off into an amazing year pursuing her passion of art.
Now off to growing even more in understanding how to trust Him to hold my heart and lead her path!!
Hugs to you and yours!
...and a HAPPY CONTINUED CELEBRATION of the 26 years you and Byron have shared together. :)

dana said...

dear dear Lisa...
26 years for you and Byron--and so much wonderful to show for it!

Blessings as the boys depart, and peace in your heart as you resettle yourselves into the smaller family groove...

dance, still...

lisa said...


What a nice note to find. Jesse and Trevor really love Pecos and they are excited to get back to Westmont so they can all be together again. I'm sure they have lots of adventures in mind.

We've had a few brief times with Pecos and then we hear tons about him from our boys and Max and Gina. He leaves a big impression on everyone and he is obviously very loved.

I'm so thankful that they have each other to grow and find life with.

Thanks for thinking of me. Trevor left about an hour ago and Jesse leaves on Wednesday. I am so happy for them to be going to such a great place with such great friendships, but it hurts! There are just too many miles between us.

Next time you're in SB, hugs my boys for me! Gina loves you dearly and I love Gina so it seems like we should be friends. I hope we meet some day.


DorRae said...

Lisa, I'll be in SB in october and will give many hugs and kisses and some dinners out on us! Please give Gina and Max hugs for us. I already feel like we are friends!

lisa said...

And Dana,

Thanks so much for the reminder to dance.


lisa said...

Sue, I'm so proud of Kenz! What a woman! And I love you to pieces!

Darrelle said...

Heather looks absolutely adorable/beautiful in this picture. I MISS HER! I miss all of you. (love).

lisa said...

Heather often speaks of missing you, Darrelle!

love and love.

lisa said...

oh and ps, your hair would look cute this way :-)