Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Team Time :-)

Our team of 2 families is slipping away for some down time before the next group of volunteers arrive and the older Borden boys depart for studies in the States. We'll be back on the 19th.

Sue, I owe you a long email. I haven't forgotten!


Sue said...

no problem sweet lisa. thinking of may...will take a day off to grab a walk with you if you are in town. :) Enjoy these days. 9 more for us and Kenz and I are off for Brooklyn New York. Happy/Sad!!

Rachel Lucia said...

Lisa! How are you? Im going to be in Africa in about a month until Mid February for a missions trip. I'll be with YWAM for bit in South Africa I was curious if i might be able to fly up to where you guys are and visit for a few days. I've heard soooo many stories about your fam it would be neat to finally get to be a part of it for a short time :) If not i completely understand. I hope you are doing great. You can respond to my email address if you would like . I'm needing to get tickets pretty soon so i just dont know when to make my return date. I dont want to be a hassle to you guys at all so just let me know :)
many many blessings from alaska,
Rachel Lucia

lisa said...

Rachel, it would be great to see you up here in Tanzania. I'll send you an email...