Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I Voted Today

I exercised my right and privilege and cast my vote today.

Why do I get to weigh in early on who I'd like to see in the Oval Office? Because I am an absentee voter. My wee ballot will travel in a diplomatic pouch from the U.S. Embassy here in Tanzania to the States where it will then be routed to L.A. County. There it will be held until the proper time for counting.

It's an amazing gift we have, this freedom to vote.


Darrelleeee said...

yes yes yes!!! : )

soulsong said...

My Sex, Gender, Power professor was speaking at a conference on European Security at the EU in Brussels last week, and she came back and was telling us, "My European friends tell me that because the president of the United States affects every single person in the world, they think they should be able to vote, too." We laughed at this, and then I thought--I hope they don't know the outrageous percentage of Americans who don't vote. Or the ones who are admittedly "not very informed" but vote anyway (who I come across all the time, especially at Westmont). Crazy!

Alana said...

I got my ballot in the mail today! Now to figure out all the forms and get them off in time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa,
I keep going back and forth on who to vote for-I need to spend more time in prayer about this decision.
Here is how the voting part of my brain is currently working-I have my mind made up, then there is a debate and I think "hmm... no way" or "hmm...that candidate is making more sense to me than I thought before" and change my mind. I think I need to watch the debates this week before I can vote.
But I will definitely vote! Love, Dore'

Anonymous said...

PS Is it OK with Byron if we write him in for President? He could do it!