Saturday, September 20, 2008

without ceasing

and this is how we pray
backs nestled into the hammock
faces turned toward the stars
the warm air lifts against us
and we are quiet, quiet
as you, god, speak to us
about how big you are

and this is how we pray
sitting on the leaf strewn ground
peering across the pattern of sun and shade
the clear pool under the giant fig
where the monitor lizard slips through the water
and we whisper our worshipful thanks
again and again

and this is how we pray
standing in the kitchen
speaking out the worries in our minds
telling this perfect parent god
just how small our faith feels
conscious of how sweetly ludicrous
our doubts must appear

and this is how we pray
curled into our duvets
safely tucked in on this wind blown night
thoughts far from here
with our friends who sit in vigil
waiting for a precious life to pass
maybe even tonight

and this is how we pray
with longing
and with hope
with stress
and with joy
with daring
and with simple words


Trevor Borden said...

So pretty!

Alex said...

Beautiful, earthy, gracious. This IS how we pray and I'm not sure it has struck me so beautifully before. Sometimes it's easy to curse our feebleness. I think the angels must marvel how we in our brokenness still cling Him.

Sarah said...

That prayer blessed me so much.
Thank you for sharing it Lisa.

Lisa said...

wow... I've been stopping by here for a while, and I love this. Thanks so much for sharing.

soulsong said...

your words leave scatter wildflower seeds everywhere, and they come to mind on long runs through san francisco and as i pick fruit in my northern home and here, too, at the ocean or in the mountains. thanks for this poem, and all your little prayers of life and death and hope. your writing gives so much life.

Liz said...

This is gorgeous - so simple and really resonates right now.
I've been reading your blog for a while, thanks for all you share.

lisa said...

dear all,

thank you for your encouraging words in response to my musings. i'm always so surprised to find out that i am read.


Sue Klein said...

Yes, Lisa, you are read!! Your book will be read also and bring life to those dying because they forgot or never knew how to talk to God.

Poetry. A beautiful way to experience things before us,...less words, and yet we find more meaning in hearing it.

Beautiful. Ahhh,...prayer. A gift the Father gives us. May we remember to open it up every day and make good use of the line of communication and power He offers!!
Love to you from us all. :-)

Anonymous said...

What a lovely prayer!

Anonymous said...

as so often happens, my heart is touched by your words, today has allready been to full of "stuff" and I'm reminded to stop, sit and Pray, Thank you

Nelly said...

you help beautify the earth. and you are my friend.

dana said...

yes...I'm with Nelly...
you make our life here beautiful...

I feel your loving arms across the oceans...

Melissa said...

i'm tearing up after reading this!! amazing!! thanks lisa!

Anonymous said...

"conscious of how sweetly ludicrous
our doubts must appear"

Never a truer word was written! (Except the whole Bible...)

Anyway!! You are touching and blessing people across the world you don't even know. Thanks for the beautiful poem. I sent it to a friend who's father died last night and gave you proper writing credits via your URL.

Blessings to you.

lisa said...

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you so much for your kind comments. I am really honored that my words are helpful to others.

Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

Carolyn said...

Lisa: This reminds me of a time, long long ago, when you, Byron and I went down to Butterfly beach and prayed; it was a lot like this poem. I love that you have other beautiful places now to pray, and that you write about them this way. They give us a little piece of your world. Thanks!