Sunday, November 23, 2008

I Don't Need a Fancy Coffee (or Lots of Head Noise Last Week)

It's been a non-blogging week for me. I guess I've been kind of weirded-out lately.

Friday the 14th was a molasses kind of day as I followed news of the fire in Santa Barbara and where our kids were in relation to that fire. (In case you didn't know, their college was evacuated to the gym and while all the students, staff and faculty are fine, there was terrific material loss for many as the fire raged through almost 2,000 acres. The college itself sustained significant damage.)

Then we left for Nairobi, a big city in which we could not get a working internet connection from where we were staying.

Nairobi was an unpleasant experience. Seeing old friends was lovely, but the rest of the trip was pretty awful.

We got our medical appointments done. We accomplished our goal of securing some good breeding rabbits. We bought a few small things in the snazzy shops.

But mostly, we were culture-shocking and overwhelmed by the horrendous traffic, the significant wealth and the sheer level of development--bar urban planning, which appears to be nil.

I sat in Java House and stared into my gorgeous cappuccino with its perfect fluffy foam and a heart painted into it by the swish of a spoon. The waitress was lovely, well-spoken, sharp and attentive. The quality of the whole place would have passed muster in any first world city.

But all I could think was, "Get me back to Arusha-town! I'll take a tea on my porch over this any day."

I like simple.

I really do.


Tehur said...

Me 2...More and more every day I come to the conclusion I really like simple over anything else...I realy, really do.


P.S- Jesse and Trevor and everyone in Santa Barbara have been in my prayers.Love you

Darrelle said...

Ill meet you on your porch at four. : )

Trevor Borden said...

Darrelle, do you have a way to actually meet my mom at four? or is that a metaphor?

Brian said...

we just had exactly the same thing happen when we returned to England last month, it was all to much and then we felt stupid for not coping with shock of it all

lisa said...

Tehur, thanks for the prayers.

Darrelle, I'll see you at 4pm.

Trevor, she actually has a way. We do Star Trek transportation stuff... getting beamed here and there. We just haven't let you in on it before.

Brian, I left feeling stupid for not coping years ago. It just made me feel worse!

Tehur said...

I need you to tell me what do I have to do to be in a plane to tanzania a.s.a.p! I mean me if you want to.I´ll homeschool Heather for as long as you want, I will help you clean, wash, dry whatever if you will just have me there for a while:) love you

lisa said...

Hey, Tehur. I will send you an email. Do come down!

Linda - Nickers and Ink said...

Heard you and your Thanksgiving menu on WMBI this AM. Enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving! To God be the glory.


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