Sunday, April 26, 2009


I would just like to commend to you my friend, Todd, and the story of how he was shocked in the head by more than 13,000 watts of electricity while doing some charitable building in Mexico recently. I guess you'll have to read his blog from the bottom up to allow the story to unfold.

The key information is that Todd was on the roof of a building he was working on when he stood up into a live power line. He was knocked unconscious and would have fallen 26 feet to the ground had our friend, Jim, not been then to catch and hold him.

I have a little problem of some skin cancer on my nose. Todd has a better perspective on serious happenings. He is a survivor of a terribly sober accident and he will continue to take a long time to heal.

We love Todd and Heather. Todd was my younger brother's roommate in college. Todd and Heather helped us build a house 16 years ago in Kenya when the first one burned down. They have been incredible friends over the years.

I am so hugely thankful that Todd is alive today. You can follow his story HERE

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