Thursday, May 14, 2009

Nicely Done (We Celebrate Jesse)

Once upon a time there was a little blond boy who lived among the Maasai. He grew up climbing trees, holding goats, stealing honey from bees, watching wild things in their environment, walking barefoot, identifying birds and collecting butterflies and bones (most especially skulls.) He brought his Mama frogs and toads, tarantulas and hunting spiders. He brought her tortoises and chameleons, crabs and hedgehogs. Sometimes he brought her snakes, though she was not very excited about housing snakes on the back porch.

He liked the streams, the lakes, the oceans and the sky. He noticed the mosses and the smooth stones. He picked out particularly pretty leaves and watched the clouds building over the hills. This little boy made campfires in the early morning hours when it was cold and his parents were not yet up. He chattered away in Maa as he fashioned simple wooden stools for his Maasai aunties.

This little naturalist saw good things everywhere and he pointed them out as he went along his way. How beautiful is life? How marvelous is the world? So much wonder! So much cause for joy! So many reasons to worship.

Jesse graduated with Westmont College's Class of 2009. He earned his degree in Environmental Science. He made us all beam with pride, as families are wont to do. It was a very fine weekend, complete with friends, fires, evacuations and festivities.

Jesse has a few ideas but he's not exactly sure what the new season will bring. We'll certainly enjoy watching the adventure unfold :-)


Carrie said...

Congratulations, Jesse! Nicely done, indeed! I know that God will use you greatly in whatever path you're on. Blessings to you!

SUE said...

WooHoo, Jesse!! Your momma's story is a dream childhood. Happy for you and blessings on your path!!!

Lisa, how the heart must be filled with pride, love, and joy!! Celebrate on, my dear!!

lisa said...

Yes, dreamy indeed since I only included the idyllic bits :-)

Darrelle Good said...

So proud of that cutie pie.

Tehur said...

Congratulations Jesse!!!!! I miss you all!!!!Have fun enjoy and keep me posted.
Much Love

P.S. Mr. B I am so ready to go "Home" with you guys. Can I go back????:P*

soulsong said...

and magma cum laude! (i have to admit, that took me by surprise--not because jesse isn't really smart, but because WHEN does he do homework??!)

lisa said...

Me too, Dar.
Yes, Tehur, come home with us.
And seriously, Cari, the "when" question is a good one.

Tehur said...

Ok I will pack and leave see you in Arusha I will be waitting on the porch with josephine and eva with chai and ciska's rusks.