Friday, August 28, 2009

Going Quiet Now

We're in Nairobi. Trevor flew out of here on Wednesday night :-(

Colin didn't get a place for 10th grade at RVA (boarding school here in Kenya) but we accompanied Tammy to drop off her son, Chase, for 11th. The Russells are family so it was like seeing someone who is closer than a cousin/pretty much a brother off. We said goodbye to him this morning. I cried a lot and my eyes stayed puffy all day.

We've been running a long marathon for what feels like ages. It's all good. Beautiful things have transpired. Beautiful people have been out to TZ and shared the journey with us in the last couple of months. God is beautiful in the midst of hectic times. And in other times, as well.

I finished the manuscript and sent it to my publisher in the U.K. last Tuesday. I wish I could say something a little more descriptive about it than that but I am so tired right now.

We're going to Loita tomorrow. We lived there for 10 years, you know. It always feel like going home. We'll camp. Byron will have to work but we'll stay long enough to make sure he rests and reads and does some nice hikes in the hills, as well. My work will be visiting in the homes of friends and cooking over the camp fire.

We can walk 30 minutes to our old house from where we'll camp and possibly go on line if we need to. But we won't do that much, I don't think.

So I'm going quiet now.

See you in a couple of weeks.


Trevor Borden said...

miss you till it hurts

Carolyn said...

I hope you have a nice time of quiet and relaxation, and a time of "homecoming". I'll look forward to "seeing" you back when you return!

dana said...

Go quietly...
with peace, and love and gentleness...

love you so,