Friday, April 16, 2010


To say that our family is a little attached to our dogs would be putting it mildly. Ask our long-time friends and they'll confirm to you that we're all a little nuts in this regard. Oh, I could tell you all the sound reasons for our passionate affection toward our canine family members, but it doesn't have to be justified. It's just a fact. We simply enjoy their company. A lot.

All the sadder, then, that we should return from 2 weeks away to the news that Charlotte had run under the wheels of a friend's car just a few days after we left home. We were off-line and out of phone range so we heard about it as we were getting ready to drive down from Nairobi yesterday. Sweet Tammy cried when she called to let me know.

Well, Heather made a little list and presented it at the dinner table tonight. I thought you might like to hear what she thought was good to remember about that little dog that we reared from birth in Portugal, took with us to the States for 9 months and then moved with us to Tanzania.

Here are Heather's "Memories of Charlotte."

1. She would go crazy when she would see the leash. She would jump up and down and get so, so excited!
2. She would make this funny snoring sound when she was looking at your food and was hungry. (Which was always.)
3. She loved it when you would scratch really hard on her back and she would start shaking her back right leg.
4. She would always sneak into the house and go into Mom and Dad's room and go under the bed and get all tangled up in the mosquito net.
5. She was really good to take in the Land Rover to, like, the land. And once she even got to go to Maji Moto!
6. She was a really, really good dog.

I miss that little white dog. She certainly was a cheeky one.


Carrie said...

I'm so sorry.

dana said...

Very sad for you all this morning. Heather, your list is a lovely tribute. I do believe that God cares for the spirits of the animals we tend to...

Mama Mpira said...

so sorry Lisa - she was a sweet little dog. The other day I was remembering when you lost Zero after so many years. It is dreadful to lose such a faithful friend.

news of our dog mpira on my blog.

e.m.w. said...

great list, heather. i have some fond memories of charlotte jumping for the red ball the boys would wedge in the tree, or chasing their lemons being fired out of their cannon and loving you Bordens as much as you loved her. mourning with you and missing you

Ann said...

Now that I've been converted to the wonders of small furry terriers - I feel so sad reading your post! Heather's list is so fitting because its all these little things that make them so endearing.
Love to you all - Ann

andrea said...

so sorry :( love to you all

Jenelle said...

I hate that you guys lost Charlotte so much. Really great list, Heather. So symbolic how she went with you from Portugal to the US and back to TZ.