Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Inspires Africa (and you can too!)

Ah, the World Cup... I love it. The world loves it. And Africa is nuts about it! Especially this year as it's hosted on this continent for the first time.

Much has been said already about how football inspires young Africans. Desmond Tutu and friends have even made a special point of talking about it.

We know a lot of young men in the HIV/AIDS and poverty ravaged neighborhoods of our city who love the game, play it passionately and hope to find a way out of their circumstances through it. Our Wild Hope sponsored efforts through football equip for success in the WHOLE of life. We've got a lot of great things going on through our Nyota Youth Sports and Community Service Center. The heart of it is football and leadership :-)

Please take a moment and go to our Wild Hope Stories blog and hear about what we're up to and how you can help young Africans through "The Beautiful Game."


Sue said...

Inspired we are! By World Cup, by Wild Hope, and by the one who orchestrates it all!
May we follow his lead..

Ruth said...

Hi Lisa

Ruth Morrison here from N ireland (remember Portugal too?). I can't wait to read your book. I'm following your blog with love, prayers and tears. So many suffering like our dear friends.
Bethany is now married and living in SA. You can check out her fab blog on There is a link to mine too - it much be catching. Love to all the family.

lisa said...

Ruth! How wonderful to hear from you. I'll go find your blog now. xo