Thursday, August 12, 2010

MAGNIFY! (Edinburgh 2010)

I love 24-7 Prayer! I love the people and the passion. I love the way they believe that the world can be changed and throw themselves into what they do.

And what do they do? Prayer, mission and justice. They're all about changing the world by praying like mad and living like crazy. That means they talk to God about the condition of the world around them, they love people actively and reach out practically. So whether it's helping drunk revelers get home after losing it on the streets of Ibiza, offering to pray with a homeless person they are serving a meal to or encouraging each other toward spiritual depth, these friends of mine are not fakin' it.

Byron and Heather and I are very much looking forward to the big 10th anniversary gathering in Edinburgh come September. For the first time ever, there's lots of room at the event because it's in a bigger venue this year. That means tickets are still available!

Join us at Magnify. It's going to be good.

Find all the information you need here.

Seriously. You should come.

(And let me just say it's a little funny to talk about 24-7 as THEY cuz it's US. I am 24-7 Prayer!)


Anonymous said...

Sad to be missing IT and missing YOU this time, but we'll be in Spain & Italy those days. We couldn't do the trip any other time as, among meetings & catching up with friends, we're also meeting up with my parents, who'll be passing through Venice during those days. Have an absolute blast with that wonderfully crazy crowd!

lisa said...

I really, really, really wish you were going to be there. But I also really wish you a wonderful time where you will be!