Monday, October 18, 2010

"These are the days they say we'll remember..."

A gift of days.
Days too precious to take lightly.
Days to be present in.

Byron and I came to North Carolina for a wedding. Not just any wedding--the wedding of very close friends. We came to celebrate Hunter and Tait's choice of each other. Byron gave the homily during the service. I was the Matron of Honor. And what an honor it was for both of us to be so intimately involved in it all. We linger in the warmth of all we were part of.

A gift of days.
Days too rare not to cherish.
Days to be filled with.

After the wedding, Byron flew back to Tanzania and I came on to LA. My sister came down from Seattle. We stayed up till midnight every night. We didn't stop talking... Not even once. We got time with our sisters-in-law and our younger brother. We enjoyed our parents, especially shopping with our mum ;-)

A gift of days.
Days too extraordinary to rush.
Days to hold onto.

Tomorrow I'll travel up to Santa Barbara to be with our older boys. There will be times with friends; times to tank up on. I'll meet someone I've long-desired to meet. I'll be at Jesse and Trevor's Tuesday night gig. There will be a book release party on Wednesday. I'll return to LA for a second book release party Thursday. My birthday will come. I'll celebrate by attending the Sufjan Stevens concert on Saturday. I'll pack up Sunday and fly home Monday.

These days, these days, these beautiful days.
I am aware--so very well aware--of the gift I've been given.


Anonymous said...

Lisa, I often read your blog (by way of Jen Powell) and am so grateful for your writings. Your book is on my list to buy. Are your book signings public? I ask because I live in the LA area. Either way, thanks for're a breath of fresh air.


lisa said...

Hi Jamie,

Thanks for your kind encouragement. Here's the link to the release party info. It's Thursday night in Pasadena and you'd be welcome :-) It's free so the "tickets" are just there for RSVP purposes.

August said...

Hebrews 1:7 "He makes his angels winds, and his servants flames of fire"

Your book is already on its way of starting a wildfire for God!

Carolyn said...

Yes! Again, soak it all in! Where is the book signing in SB? You indeed have been having some great days, and more to come! How fun to be able to celebrate your b'day with your parents/friends! When I was in Calif. in Aug. I was full of JOY! May you be also. I can almost smell the ocean from here!

Byronovich said...

Its about time you wrote some thing on this blog. I mean its like waiting in bed for a cup of tea...."lets put the kettle on" ....but for what, if there is no tea!

These ARE days to remember, and I say, you deserve every minute of it! Love you


jb said...

who the heck are we???! so blessed and taken care of.
love you!

lisa said...

Thanks all! Tiffany and Jaime, it was really nice to meet you at the different book release parties. Thanks for coming.

Trevor Borden said...

miss you mamma

lisa said...

Miss you, Trev. xo