Thursday, March 24, 2011

So, Los Angeles, We Meet Again (My Stream of Consciousness Response to Arriving in L.A.)

I love getting to Mom and Dad's house. It feels good, it smells good, it IS good.

It's SO COLD! My folks crank the heat for us but, with our thin African blood, Heather and I are shaking the whole time. A friend of Mom's stops by with slippers she's knit and we grab them like the life-savers they are! Our feet are happy at last. Thank you, knitting friend of Grandma! Thank you Grandma for teaching her to knit.

People say that women love to shop. I'm not so sure about that. I need clothes but I only narrowly survived my first foray into the stores. I don't know what happened but this one very well meaning saleslady got it into her mind that it was her personal job to dress me. She was bringing all these ridiculous choices and burying me in things I would never wear. And I'm just so compliant! I tried on outfits I had not the slightest attraction to just because I didn't want her to feel bad! I think I disappointed her greatly when I left with my modest selection. And to tell you the truth, I really want to return one of the items but I'm literally scared to death to go back in there!

I love walking in this town! Old Pasadena homes are SO lovely and so entertaining to walk by. Heather and I get to stretch our legs while enjoying each house and garden we pass. We do feel lonely for our dogs when we go for a stroll but we feel so blessed to have pleasant places to wander around. This easy access to exercise causes my heart to feel a little envy. I don't like walking where we live in Arusha.

Tea is good and is the answer to most things no matter where I am on the planet.

I need some alone time. I waked through the grocery store for a few minutes all by myself this afternoon and it felt amazing.

Baby Girl and I slipped into the States under the radar. Byron and Colin arrive tomorrow evening and we have a one weekend family time with The Repko clan immediately after they get in. After that, THE SCHEDULE takes over.

I'm looking to sneak in as much true connection with people I love as possible.

I can culture shock pretty good when I get here, but I love L.A.


Carolyn said...

Thinking of you two in that wonderful home. Cold? Wow. :-) Wondering what the temp is? Also wondering if maybe Pasadena is your second home. P.S. You took me to my first Trader Joe's. :-)

Lori said...

Sending you my phone number!

Darrelle said...

Excited to see you!! Welcome back!

Also, one time in a mall (I hate malls more than really any other place, they suck the life out of me) I bought a TWENTY DOLLAR BOTTLE OF HAND CREAM because a woman spent half an hour telling me about how great it was and how much she needed the sale. I felt so guilty and that I had to had to give her my money! I ran out of there and haven't been back.

I hope you enjoy your time down there in Pas. Hi to Heather and Colin and Byron!

lisa said...

Oh no! $20 for lotion! Agh! And I agree about malls being life-sucking. If I have to shop, I do better on a normal street where I can walk out into daylight when I come out of the shop.

Whitney said...

Glad you made it here safely.
I am also not a fan of shopping.
I hope I get to see you at some point while you're here! =)
Have a great rest of your weekend with family before the craziness begins.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lisa,
Welcome to Pasadena.........
Let me know if you want to borrow a dog or two to walk :-)!!!
Lots of love, Dore'