Tuesday, May 03, 2011

taunt not the foe

taunt not the foe
perceived or otherwise

taunt not the monster
with the cold blood heart

slain villains
felled cretans
murdered murderers

may have well deserved what came

but life is life
and her violent end
though justified
cannot be cheered


sue said...

...cannot be cheered.
Thank you for your words.

Marsha said...

Yes. Thank you for saying this so well.

Sarah said...

I so agree. Thank you, Lisa.

Tait/Furaha said...

Indeed. And why the demands to see the photo? Let the guy go with a little dignity

dana said...

yes lisa...

your words speak truth...

Carolyn said...

I was really taken aback when I saw the cheering. When people do this, it is hard to say, "How are we any different than they are?" Sad. Sad day in history. Glad it's behind us.