Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Heather My Hero

This is Miss Heather, age 7, on her first rock climb this past Saturday. She wanted to give it a go and I had told her that perhaps her brother Jesse would let her try a little one.

Only she didn't stop.

This particular climb was rated a 5a.

As for me, I'm scared of heights. Very scared of heights. Sweaty palms and a stomach that plunges like an elevator with a snapped cable.

I was utterly astonished to see Little Girl go!


Abril said...

wow - tell heather i am very, very impressed. my one and only attempt at rock climbing resulted in a (comical in retrospect) "lecture" of me to my friend who was *belay-ing* (?) - something along the lines of "let me down, let me down RIGHT NOW!"

Rachel said...

I love Heather's adventurous, trusting spirit! She's the greatest 7 year old I know. (you can tell her I said that. : )

Gramma Carolyn said...

Wow, that Heather is quite a climber. Good thing Gramma didn't know about it.