Thursday, June 29, 2006

Little Confession

I made a little confession to Byron the other night at dinner. We were out for curry at a nice little place. Over his shoulder, the large screen T.V. was showing one of the World Cup games that we weren't all that interested in.

But all this World Cup stuff, all the yelling we've been doing at the screen and getting very emotional about 22 men playing with a ball, brought a memory back to me. I had just been explaining the off-side rule to someone the day before when this long-ago memory floated back.

And so, at that little dinner alone with Byron, I suddenly started laughing and I had to spit my confession out.

"You probably won't remember this," I said, "but when we were first going out we got into some conversation about football and you were testing me to see if I knew what I was talking about. You asked me about the offside rule and you were so impressed because I could explain it to you."

(Here comes the confession...)

"The truth is, I couldn't really explain the offside rule but I bluffed my way through it and I must have sounded pretty good cuz you totally fell for it!"

I got to laughing so hard that my eyes filled up and tears streamed down my checks. Byron too.

26 years later and I finally come clean :-). No more seared conscience for me!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing that he even trusts you...