Friday, July 14, 2006

Ear Fashion

It's after 11pm but Byron and Barbara are sitting at the dining room table carving and shaping things from buffalo horn for the holes in their ears. They look very serious and absorbed in their work. The hole in the top of Byron's ear was burned through with a hot awl 14 years ago by a Maasai woman that we consider to be our Maasai Mum. The one in question on Barbara's ear was self-imposed. It's cute to see them working away :-)

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Baba said...

soooo, finally i can do my post which I was writing at your house when the electicity went off :-)...
well, I just wanted to make clear that I didn't mean to affect your freedom of expression :-)...come on, don't change your posts again
:-)even when you call me "nutter" which I really didn't know what it meant (something about being crazy I guessed), I didn't get offended at all (how could I with anything that comes from you:-)?!)...
and yes, I really enjoyed doing that with Byron, getting some tips from him, and specially because now we have a "thing" in our ears from the same buffalo horn from Kenya, which means a lot to me...I still have to ask him the story behind it by the way :-) that would make it even more special :-)

O.K., Love you