Thursday, July 13, 2006

Groovy Phone

Byron got me this groovy new phone yesterday. He believes I need an improved one for the next phase of life when we're in the States and then Africa. It's very cool and does lots of great stuff. I have no idea what. Or how to make it do those great things.

I've had a very basic Nokia for years. When we got it, it was dull grey. I guess Trevor thought it was a boring look. He got me a little camo shell for it and typed in a zillion keys to make the M*A*S*H theme my ring tone.
I've always liked it, though I've abused it badly. On one of the many occasions that I dropped it and it burst into pieces, I answered a call and had a chat while it was still in said state of disarray.

My only specification for the new phone was that the keys not be so small that I can't easily text. I am the Text Master, or so I'm told. I was once sitting next to a 15 yr old boy as I was sending a message. Watching me he burst out with, "A parent who can text quickly, WITH ONE HAND!!"

Little camo phone was soon cannibalized by Trevor and so has no battery any more. It sits here sadly dead after serving me so well. I feel a bit sorry and I miss how easy it was to use. I suppose that as long as I can still wear the title Text Master, I'll put up with the hassle of learning my new phone.

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