Friday, September 15, 2006

50 Years Ago Today

Look at my parents! Aren't they just about the cutest couple you've ever seen in your life??

Today is their 50th anniversary!

Woah Nelly!!

Dear Mom and Dad,
Thank you for loving each other for all these years!


harrison g said...

I miss you all out here in Minnesota, but I am still close to the knowledge of the characters of my family. What a great bunch of folks - us kids have been challenged first hand by living, honorable personages in the way to live life. Thanks a love to all in Pasadena, Grant (and probably Elise too).

jenelle said...

Whoa Lisa! (I thought you were giving me a shout-out in this post for one brief moment. It's like a yearbook. You always notice your name first.) Your parents are just too beautiful together. I really think they're wonderful. Especially for housing me when I came to Fuller this February.