Saturday, September 09, 2006

To Know and to Be Known

All is going well as we begin navigating this season in the States. But last night I cried when I got into bed. I miss my community. A lot. I miss seeing people that I know (really know) and who know (really know) me.

I kept picturing Dane just back home in Malveira de Serra after a week in Cascais Hospital. Dane! I love him so much. My whole family loves him and his whole family. Dane the dancing pilgrim, the poet, the dreamer, the surfer, the singer, the smiler. Dane who sits in the back seat with Trevor and makes me laugh till great big tears roll down my cheeks and I can hardly see the road. He's been hurting! He's had a tube poked into his chest. And we didn't get to go see him in the hospital and squeeze his hand and make him laugh and pray and give him kisses on his forehead.

He didn't need us to be there. He had lots of people in and out of his hospital room. But he is very important to our family and it just felt sucky to be so far away.

But it's more than just feeling sad that someone we love was in pain. It's the whole thing of knowing others and being known. The way Carey knows I hate confrontation and would rather do almost anything else. They way Marty knows I'll sing with him if he gets out the guitar. The way Nelly knows when I'm tired even when I think I'm covering for it pretty well. The way Jasmin rings to catch us up on what's happening in her life. The way Ben comes down the stairs like he's always lived in our house. They way the world seems more beautiful when Barbara is around. The increased sense of wonder that Jesse brings. And the way we're all joined by an ache to see hope come into people's lives.

It's such a basic need, this need for community.

It's like food, water, air.


Anonymous said...

hey Lisa, you guys have been in my thoughts and prayers lots, sorry I haven't posted to let you know! Anyway Helen Keller once said "life is either a daring adventure or nothing!" Brian Heasley. Still have problems with that beat blogger thing!!!

jenelle said...

Lisa, I miss you and your beautiful tears. I wish I could sneak you away to this Kansas City hideaway at IHOP. It is unbelievably refreshing to be here.

I think there is a poem hiding in this post. Please bring it to us!