Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Drum Boy

Jesse always has a million ideas of new things to make. Especially new drums.

Last weekend he was down to visit and he spent most of his time in his Grandpa's woodshop making two tongue drums.

This photo is of him tuning the first one. Seriously! He would shave little bits off the tongues he had carved out to perfect the pitch. It sounds really pretty.

So one night Trevor ended up picking up his guitar and Colin played one of Jesse's little djembes that he made some time ago, and Jesse played the new tongue drum.

Since I play no instrument at all, I danced. I'm sure you would have been inspired if you had seen me (!)


jenelle said...

Ah...Jesse! He is the original drummer boy. Bar rumpa pum bum. My little Jesse djembe is sitting in my office, currently...so that I can show off his skills. Seems I've been bragging on your family a lot lately!
love, your, Nelly at large (and in charge). .wink.

Skyler said...

wow! I've never heard of a tongue drum before. that's so cool that jesse is making so many instruments. tell, jesse i miss him a bunch... can't wait to be jamming together: like all of us russells and bordens. way cool.

lisa said...

the borden and russell kids will be jamming and the two moms will be dancing. what will the two dads do :-)