Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Beautiful Esther

Byron and I had a cup of tea with Esther this week. Esther is 83.

Esther worked with her husband for many, many years in Africa. Of particular importance to us, Esther is the mother of one of our very favorite people, Peter Russell.

Besides the good tea and Esther's sparkling laugh, these things stood out to me...

Esther is totally engaged and alive with what God is doing in the world today. She is actively involved in his plans.

"I know," she said, "that God has not brought me through these 83 years for nothing. I have been prepared for the NOW!"

No sense of "I've done my bit," there. Esther is still a participant in what God is up to DAILY.

She also talked about being freed from the notion that she needs to be a super-saint. She laughed and almost cried telling us about how He revealed to her recently that she is only called to do what He has gifted and abled her to do. And in as much, there is PLEASURE in ministry, not burden. Pleasure!

And as we explained what all we see ourselves getting involved in when we get back to Africa, Esther slapped her hands on the table and cried out, "I can't wait to come!"

Beautiful Esther!

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